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Arkansas State Links

Legal Links

Arkansas Code: Title 18. Property > Subtitle 2. Real Property > Chapter 16. Landlord & Tenant.


Office of the Attorney General's Consumer Protection Division Publication

What you should know about Landlord/Tenant Rights


Landlord and Tenant Law Fact Sheet from Arkansas Legal Services

Real Estate/Landlord Associations
Arkansas Apartment Association
Phone: (501) 664 8300
Email: [email protected]

(The AAA has a standardized lease that it provides for it's members.)

Blythville Property Owners Association
(501) 763-6977

Hot Springs Landlord Association
P.O. Box 3002
Hot Springs, AK 71914
(501) 624-3075
Email: [email protected]



Rural Rental Housing Association of Arkansas
Wasilla West Property Owners
Wasilla, AK 99654
(907) 376-9344

Miscellaneous State Internet Links
Arkansas Small Claims Brochure

Arkansas Court Link

Municipal/District Court List

Arkansas Bar Association Small Claims Court Pamphlet - If you have a client whose dispute and damages are less than $5,000.00, small claims court may be the route he or she should take. The "Small Claims Brochure" outlines the steps necessary to effectively and efficiently file a claim.  The pamphlet has been recently revised to reflect legislative changes made by the 1997 General Assembly.

How do I handle my case in Small Claims Court?  Small Claims Court in Arkansas (PDF) From Arkansas Legal Services (for a free download of Adobe Reader PDF viewer software click here)

The following state lists are available through various web links.  Click on a subject below to go check your state listing:

Min Notice Required to Terminate Lease
Min Notice Required for Termination (for Violation of Lease)
Min Notice Required for Termination for Non-Payment of Rent
Max Time Allowed for Return of Security Deposit
Min Notice Required for Entry by Landlord

Lead Based Paint Requirements

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