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Electronic Payment Processing

"The money screamed across the wires, its provenance fading in a maze of electronic transfers, which shifted it, hid it, broke it up into manageable wads which would be withdrawn and redeposited elsewhere, obliterating the trail."

Nest of Vipers, a banking thriller
by Linda Davies.

In this age of technological diversity and widespread Internet use, the idea of electronic payment processing is becoming an affordable and preferable rent payment option that benefits both landlords and tenants.  Like many retailers and employers worldwide are aware, automatic deposit and payment programs offer a safe, convenient and simple means of transferring funds between accounts.  Further,  more and more credit card processing companies are designing programs for landlords to accept credit card payments from tenants, significantly improving their ability to collect and verify rent and security deposits.  Whether or not this means of collection is preferable to you at this stage in the game, be sure to check out the following links to assess your options.


Pertinent Articles:

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 Security in electronic payments:


ClearNow is the Leader in Electronic Rent Collection! Rents are automatically withdrawn from tenant bank accounts and directly deposited into your property's checking account.

  • Eliminate time spent depositing checks.

  • Receive timely payments whether you are in town or on vacation. Rents cannot be lost in the mail or delayed because of the mail.

  • Know about insufficient funds within days rather than weeks with paper checks.

  • Provide tenants with an ultra-convenient payment method.

Two-month free trial!

ClearNow starts at just $14.95/month. This includes the debit of one tenant. Each subsequent tenant is just an additional $1.80/month. So, for a property owner with 10 enrolled tenants, ClearNow fees would be $31.15 ($14.95 + (9 * $1.80)). And remember, your first 2 months are FREE!

Click here for more information or or call toll-fre(866-882-5327) to enroll today

Service First Solutions
Revenue Management Solutions for the Apartment Industry

E-commerce solutions

ChekFaxx™ is a Windows-based program that allows you to print your tenant's check on your in-house printer and deposit it today! You can now accept checks online, on your FAX machine, or even by telephone.

  • A new, quick and easy way to collect rent payments!

  • Create an automatic monthly payment process!

  • Ensure timely rent collection!

    Free Trial Software! 


PayLease Inc. the most cost effective solution to streamlining the process of lease collection through direct deposit, credit card processing and check conversion. Through technology and years of experience in the residential and commercial property industry, PayLease has created a one-stop shop to manage all of your residential, commercial and homeowner association needs.

To learn more about PayLease, register with PayLease, and make payments Please Contact PayLease Inc. at 1-866-PayLease or visit us at WWW.PAYLEASE.COM

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